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OnePlus' treasure hunt gives winners mysterious Nord Collector Box editions

OnePlus Nord Which Way Nord
(Image credit: OnePlus)

OnePlus has launched a 'Which way Nord' interactive treasure hunt campaign so users can finally "find their true Nord," which seems to be coming in the form of a swanky Nord Collector Box.

Available on the campaign website, anyone interested can scan the QR code shown on the website to begin the treasure hunt. From there, you'll need to sign in using a OnePlus account.  

The top 10 will automatically be given a Nord Collectors Box, but for those who don’t finish within the top 10, there are still 50 limited-edition collector boxes given away. And, according to the OnePlus, "they'll come with exactly the same contents bar a OnePlus Nord phone." Darn.

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There are still prizes for those who do finish, as there are 10,000 discount vouchers waiting on a first-come, first-serve basis at the finishing line for those that don’t finish in the top 60.

According to the 'oneplus' Reddit group, a few treasure hunters have experienced problems progressing through the puzzles.

Whether that means the hunt is already over or only a few lucky hunters can get in on the Nord prize, we're not sure. But there's no harm in heading over to the campaign's website and testing your luck. Besides, the real treasure is the journey, right?