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Nintendo Switch Pro could get this massive display upgrade

Nintendo Switch
(Image credit: Laptop Mag)

According to a recent report from Economic Daily, Nintendo is discussing the possibility of using a Mini LED display on the rumored Switch Pro. Most Switch users probably play most of their games on a big screen due to the so-so screen currently available on the Switch. Nintendo seems prepared to address this issue in a future Switch Pro.

The new Mini LED displays are rumored to be sourced from Innolux, which would mean a move away from their current display providers Sharp and JDI. Mini LED technology is seen as an alternative to OLED, and even Apple is known to be looking into them in regards to future devices of its own.

Mini LED Display technology is viewed as a hybrid between OLED and LCD supposedly offering up better contrast and efficiency which is fitting for handheld devices of every kind. One key perk of Mini LED is that it doesn't risk burn-in like OLED yet it provides near-perfect black levels and next-level peak brightness. 

Nintendo seems perfectly positioned to take advantage of Mini LED display technology, and we're looking forward to seeing how it is implemented in future Switch devices, like the upcoming Switch Pro.