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Microsoft releases major update for Bing and OneDrive

Microsoft Updates Bing and OneDrive
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft has been very active of late updating all of its applications across every platform. From making changes to the Edge browser that make it a formidable challenger to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to making vast improvements to Office 365, and Microsoft Teams, the tech giant has been releasing updates at breakneck speeds and challenging competitors to keep up.

Recently Microsoft has updated OneDrive and Bing; although the changes may not be massive, the improvements are things users have been seeking for some time. In OneDrive, you can cast directly to your Chromecast receiver or TV directly from cloud storage servie. Meanwhile, Bing is getting a user interface overhaul and refresh, making it easier to use and access.

The newly redesigned Bing home page combines older features with newer ones as well as some improved sections. After updating the application and opening the new home page, you immediately see top news, the latest news, and items you've previously shown interest in. You also get faster access to Microsoft, features, including a Covid-19 tracker and updated information regarding the pandemic.

Obviously, there is a search section in Bing, and other common sections on the home page include Weather, Rewards, Wallpaper, Sports, Translator, Unit Conversion, Math, Esports, and games, to name a few. You can also use Visual search, Voice search, Video search, Image search, and my favorite shopping search. 

The layout is much improved. But you try it out yourself by downloading the updated versions of Bing and OneDrive. Stay tuned to find out what other little tricks and improvements Microsoft has up its sleeve for users.