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Apple VR headset gets another leak — this time with a fabric design and a fan

Apple VR
(Image credit: Snappa)

Apple VR is slowly becoming more of a reality, with the latest reports stating that Apple's standalone device will have a fabric design, a fan and be powered by batteries — a feature identical to the ever-so popular Oculus Quest 2. What's more, it's reported to have a similar design to the Oculus.

The new Bloomberg report stated Apple's VR headset will boast "its most advanced and powerful chips," specifically for the new headset, codenamed N301. While it's understandably a VR headset first, Apple will be working on AR features for the device, with external cameras that tracks hand movements and includes a virtual keyboard. No wonder it's working on an advanced processor. 

The fabric design came in part due to Apple's previous prototypes being too heavy. As for the fan? We're skeptical, as Apple made it clear they were doing less fans, like with its M1 Macs.

According to the report, this will be quite the niche product, so much so that its rumoured to ship out less than 200,000 units per year. It will be a pricey device too, although we're hardly surprised by Apple's pricing now, especially since the release of the Apple AirPods Max.

Apple may already have competition though, seeing as Samsung's bug-eyed headset is also looking to dominate the competition (which it has already done in bizarre-factor).

Apple VR features

Other noted features that Apple VR reported before included:

If the Apple VR still boasts these features, along with what the recent report boasts, that price tag is looking to have plenty of digits.