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Video Hands-on with Acer's Windows Convertible Tablet: It's Magnetic!

Now here's a fun twist on the convertible. We just went hands-on with Acer's upcoming Windows 7 tablet, which will be powered by an AMD Fusion processor and feature the same Ring interface that's on the company's upcoming dual-screen Iconia notebook. The device was just a mock-up, but we have to admit the design is pretty clever. When you lift the 10-inch slate out of the dock you can just place it on top of the base and it locks magnetically.

The keyboard on the dock uses a chiclet-style layout that's close to full size, and you get two small touch buttons and a pointing stick. Unfortunately, Acer's only promising a max of four hours of battery life. Expect the cost of this intriguing convertible to be under $600 and launch by the spring.