New iPad Pro M3 slated for March release

Apple Event, June 6 2022
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A recent report indicates that Apple is pressing ahead with plans to release new iPad and MacBook Air models in March, both outfitted with the processing power of its M3 silicon chipset.

The report in question comes by way of Apple's favorite son and Bloomberg's own Mark Gurman, who hails Apple's next wave of releases as the "biggest revamp ever" for these devices.

Not content with resting on their heels after the Vision Pro launches in just a few days time, Apple will get straight to work on laying the groundwork for a further release including new models of iPad Air, iPad Pro, and 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Air laptops.

Biggest revamp ever for iPad Pro, iPad Air, and MacBook Air laptops

According to Gurman, the new iPad Pro models and 13-inch MacBook Air are already deep into production, both of which featuring Apple's latest M3 chipset. The new iPad Pro models, beyond their processor upgrade, are rumored to have access to a new Magic Keyboard accessory that delivers a more convincing small-scale laptop experience with a deck that more closely aligns with that of a regular MacBook's.

Further confirmation of this new Magic Keyboard was revealed through references within the iOS 17.4 beta version, which also points towards a landscape Face ID camera and new Apple Pencil peripherals releasing shortly.

New iPad Pro models are also reported to round out their sizes, with 11-inch and 13-inch becoming the new standard, as with USB-C connectivity. Those new screen sizes will reportedly accommodate OLED panels for the first time, also.

There's little much known about the iPad Air at this point, other than a recently surfaced render of the product showcasing a new camera island, nor is there any word of the iPad mini 7, which was long-rumored to be the only iPad model to release in 2023, however, something we haven't yet had the opportunity to see.

At present, Gurman suggests that these new iPad and MacBook models could arrive as early as late March, something not too far off from earlier claims by Korean outlet The Elec that these devices could be hearing our way in early April. However, March would be the more likely candidate, as this is historically favored by Apple as an iPad launch window.

As the release of these devices creeps near, expect to hear more about the upcoming lineup and further details about what we can expect to see. As always, check back with Laptop Mag for the latest news on Apple, iPad, MacBook, and all things tech.

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