Logitech ClearChat PC Wireless Headset Review

Laptop Mag Verdict

Good voice quality and a comfortable design makes this headset a great choice for both music and calls.


  • +

    Comfortable design

  • +

    Consistently good voice quality

  • +

    Simple setup


  • -

    Limited 12-foot range

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Logitech's first wireless stereo VoIP headset is a versatile choice for people who want to tune into both music and calls quietly from their PC. Not only is it comfortable, but our callers agreed it delivered the best voice quality.

It's hard to beat the comfort of the ClearChat's plush ear pads. These, along with the padded, adjustable headband, make the 4.3-ounce headset a pleasure to wear. A flexible, rotating boom is connected to the left ear piece and houses a noise-canceling mic, which automatically mutes when you rotate the boom upwards. The right ear piece includes volume controls.

The ClearChat is the only one of these three headsets for which Skype does not automatically adjust its microphone and speaker settings. However, it's still easy to use, as there's no software installation nor hub. Just plug in the USB transceiver, turn on the headset, log into Skype, adjust the mic and speaker settings, and you'll be good to go.

Across the board, our callers preferred the ClearChat's sound quality: In both Skype and Skype-to-landline calls, our friends said the audio most resembled traditional landline quality. On our end, their voices were slightly garbled but still better than with the Jabra GN9350 and the Plantronics .Audio 920. Although the volume on our Skype chat was on the low side, it was louder when we called a landline.

Our biggest complaint: Logitech claims that the ClearChat can be used up to 33 feet away from the computer. But when we walked just 12 feet away from our PC, our Skype buddy couldn't hear us anymore. Also note that this headset does not use Bluetooth technology, so it cannot be paired with a cell phone.

Logitech's large, plush headset isn't the sleekest option, but it's comfortable and delivers the loudest, clearest sound quality of the bunch. To top it off, the ClearChat comes with a two-year warranty, whereas the other models get only one year of coverage.

Logitech ClearChat PC Wireless Headset Specs

Company Websitewww.logitech.com
Range33 feet
Size13.5 x 0.6 x 0.4 inches
Talk/Standby time6 hours
VoIP Price Range$50-$100
Weight4.3 ounces