Rosewill RLCP-11002 Review

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The Rosewill RLCO-11002 brings beautiful design and great cooling performance together at an affordable price.


  • +

    Solid build

  • +

    Beautiful design

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    Cools well


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    Only supports notebooks up to 15.6 inches

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    Relatively heavy

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If your notebook needs to be a little more chill, the Rosewill RLCP-11002 is up to the job. Made of solid aluminum, the RLCO-11002 combines a beautiful design with impressive cooling performance. Priced at $29.99, the RLCP-11002 won't break the bank, but doesn't include the multiple USB ports or angle adjustments that more premium coolers do. Are these concessions worth the lower price tag? Yes.


Click to EnlargeMade completely of brushed black aluminum except for the plastic fan on the underside of the cooler, the Rosewill RLCP-11002 looks and feels sturdy. Below the aluminum mesh that holds the notebook is a single large central fan, which is lit by a series of blue LED lights. These lights serve little purpose beyond looks, as they're completely covered when resting a notebook on the cooler.

A single USB port and a button that turns the fan and light on are located on the back of the device. We found having this extra USB hub handy, but it would have been nicer if the fan was controlled by the power cord while the power button controlled the blue LED lights.

For a cooling stand that only supports notebooks up to 15.6 inches in size, the 13.75 x 13.25 x 2-inch Rosewill RLCP-11002 is a surprisingly heavy 2.6 pounds. By comparison, the Cooler Master Notepal X3, which supports 17-inch notebooks, weighs just 2 pounds.


Click to EnlargeWe tested the the Rosewill RLCP-11002 by playing "Batman: Arkham City" for 15 minutes on a Dell Inspiron 15R SE both with and without the cooler. The RLCP-11002 was our second-best performer, behind only the Cooler Master Notepal X3. Without a notebook cooler, the Inspiron 15R SE heated to an average temperature of 88 degrees. With the RLCP-11002, this average temperature dropped to 84.3 degrees, only 0.2 degrees warmer than the Cooler Master X3.

On the bottom of the notebook, two spots that saw the largest temperature change were the lower left and the lower middle. Without the cooler, the lower left measured 94 degrees; with the RLCP-11002, this spot dropped to 84 degrees. The lower middle area originally tested at 89 degrees and dropped to 82 with this cooler.

Fan Volume

Click to EnlargeWhen we first plugged the RLCP-11002 into our notebook, we had to double check that the power was turned on. This cooler is whisper quiet, and the fan was nearly impossible to hear even with our ear right next to the device. The Cooler Master Notepal X3 was only slightly louder, but still barely audible, and the NZXT Cryo E40 and Targus Chill Mat Plus+ were both significantly louder.


Rosewill has produced a solid notebook cooler with the RLCP-11002, combining an all-aluminum body with a high-performance cooling

Click to Enlargefan. We also appreciate the extra USB port and nifty blue light. Considering its weight, though, we wish this device suported larger notebooks. Overall, we prefer the $39.99 Cooler Master X3, which is larger but lighter, just as efficient at cooling, and also keeps your hands dry. However, with a $29.99 price tag, the RLCP-11002 is a great deal.

Rosewill RLCP-11002 Specs

Accessories TypeLaptop Accessories
Company Website
Size15.3 x 14.8 x 2.8 inches
Weight3.4 pounds