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Motorola Motopure H15 Review

Our Verdict

A very good noise-canceling Bluetooth headset with a flip design that's easy to pair with your phone.


  • Stylish design
  • Sleek docking station
  • Flip-out mic turns the headset on and off
  • Easy to pair


  • Fit a bit loose

The last time we reviewed a Motorola Motopure headset (theH12) it garnered a high rating, thanks to its fashion-forward design, long battery life, and excellent noise-canceling performance. Motorola returns with the Motopure H15, another stylish headset equally effective at hushing background noise. And this time around Motorola added a clever little boom mic that turns the headset on and off and activates pairing mode automatically. We also like that Motorola includes both a desk stand and travel charger. However, the fit of the H15 itself could be a bit more secure.

Design and Fit

Compared with the H12, whose perforated metallic face makes it look flashy, the H15 has an understated look. At 1.5 x 0.9 x 0.5 inches, it has an ovular shape, with flat sides and rounded edges. The finish is black and glossy, and the matching answer/end button blends in. The answer/end button is large in proportion to the headset, and the small, metal Motorola logo is tiny by comparison. On the top of the headset is a matching metal volume rocker that's easy to access. The silver U-shaped flip mic adds very little length to the profile.

Like the Motorola H780, the H15 comes with a single, clear hook. The hook didn't hug our first tester's earlobe tightly, and the rubber earpiece barely fit, so it kept falling out--even after trying the several included rubber earpieces in varying sizes. Our second tester had no problems wearing the H15, but he noted that it felt a bit loose when walking. In contrast, theAliph Jawbonehas a sturdier fit.

Easy to Pair

One of the best--and most unusual--things about the H15 is that it has no power button; you instead flip open the mic to turn on the device. Powered by Motorola's RapidConnect technology, the headset instantly goes into pairing mode when you flip the mic out (the headset lights up, giving some visual feedback). We like this feature because it simplifies pairing while conserving battery life. The H15 paired almost instantly with our Samsung Sway; pairing with our BlackBerry initially failed but then connected just fine.

Docking in Style

Like the H12, the H15 comes with a stylish, matching docking station. The black satin complements the headset, and its curved docking connector hugs the H15's curved edges. We like that the loop is hidden on the back side when you plug the headset in. The single white LED light reminds us of the Aliph Jawbone or a MacBook Black (for its classy design, of course). Motorola claims that this dock can supply enough juice for an hour of talk time in less than 15 minutes.

Call Quality

Thanks to Motorola's EasyPair technology, we had no problem pairing the H15 to our Samsung Sway. We tested the H15's CrystalTalk noise cancellation against the Jawbone, which costs the same and has been our long-standing Editors' Choice winner in this category. We're pleased to report that the H15's noise-canceling performance rivals the Jawbone's. Indoors, we couldn't tell the difference in quality, and outdoors both headsets canceled enough background noise that our caller was undistracted. The only difference is that outdoors, the H15 produced a more echoey sound than the Jawbone. Still, it's an improvement over the H12; Motorola claims to have improved its CrystalTalk technology.

Range and Battery Life

On our tests, calls started to break up at about the H15's rated 33-foot range; calls became unintelligible when we reached 40 feet. The H15's rated talk time is 4.5 hours--a stark contrast from the H780, another noise-canceling headset from Motorola that claims 7 hours of talk time. That said, the flip-out mic made it easy to tell when the headset was on, which ultimately helps conserve battery life. And you can take advantage of that battery life: the headset can pair with two devices at once.


We recommend the Motopure H15 for those willing to spend a little more for better sound quality. It looks the part of a luxury headset, and delivers effective noise canceling to match, rivaling even the Aliph Jawbone. Its EasyPair technology and flip-out mic also make it the easiest-to-pair headset we've ever tested. However, some may find the fit too loose--at least until they try one of the other earpieces.

Tech Specs

Size1.5 x 0.9 x 0.5 inches
Weight0.5 ounces
Company Website
Battery Type/Life(Talk/Standby Time): 4.5 hours/7 days
Accessories TypeBluetooth Device