CES 2024: This future iPhone accessory is a blast from the past

Clicks Creator Keyboard case for iPhone 14/15 Pro/Pro Max
(Image credit: Clicks)

CES 2024 continues to impress us as we come across incredible tech and fascinating new products at every turn. One of my favorite finds of CES so far has to be the Clicks Creator Keyboard — an iPhone accessory that not only ticks my love of all things which-what-do-a-thing-while-also-doing-another but is a genuinely useful device to boot.

So, if the name and leading image of this article haven't already given it away, what is it? The Clicks Creator Keyboard is part smartphone case and part nostalgic flashback to an era when the biggest fruit in the phone market wasn't an Apple.

Evoking the iconic form of the Blackberry devices of yesteryear, the case also features a physical keyboard that apparently has more use cases than simply making me feel old.

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CES 2024: Clicks Creator Keyboard

Physical keyboards on mobile devices might seem pretty archaic, and they are, but they do solve the one problem faced when using a digital equivalent: that greedy, greedy, screen hogging it's so fond of.

Thankfully the Clicks Creator Keyboard can help with that, pushing the digital keyboard right off of the bottom of your iPhone's screen and into the physical world with 36 precision-tuned buttons at hand to take its place. The result of this is a display free to be used to its fullest, with the reclaimed ability to keep more of your content on screen at any one time.

Physical keyboards might not sound too compelling to modern mobile users, but when it comes to precision and accuracy there's no better option. Having the ability to physically feel the elevated keys under your fingertips as they dart around from letter to letter is excellent for training muscle memory, and there really is no haptic match for the physical feedback of a satisfying punch into a material key.

Clicks Creator Keyboard case for iPhone 14/15 Pro/Pro Max

(Image credit: Clicks)

Outlook, price, and availability

The Clicks Creator Keyboard might turn your phone into a bit of a long boi, but it will also result in complete access to your iPhone 14 Pro/15 Pro/15 Pro Max's display without compromising any of its functionality.

The Clicks Creator Keyboard is available for $139 (Pro models) and $159 for the iPhone 15 Pro Max version in Bumblebee Yellow or... London Sky Grey? That's mildly insulting (yet sadly accurate). Preorders for the case/keyboard hybrid start now with shipping expected to begin from mid-March.

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