Apple wants to make first of a kind battery in-house (report)

Apple iPhone battery being removed or replaced
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Apple is already bringing a number of manufacturing processes in-house, including the development of Micro-LED displays and 3D printed titanium parts for the Apple Watch Ultra 2.

However, a recent report from Korean outlet ETNews indicates that Apple's self-made plans are expanding. This time with a focus on producing a first-of-its-kind component that could have a major impact on iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Apple Watch, and even the upcoming Vision Pro: a more powerful and efficient battery.

Apple's self-built batteries

Apple's in-house direction weans the brand from its reliance on third-part suppliers like Samsung and LG, and ensures it won't be caught short when it comes to securing vital parts in the manufacturing process – an issue plaguing the industry across the board at times. It also gives Apple more direct control over their battery tech and build processes.

According to ETNews, Apple's in-house battery work is still in the development phase, with a goal of incorporating its self-made batteries into products after 2025. It's claimed that Apple are experimenting with different anode and cathode materials to develop an entirely first-of-its-kind component that "has never been commercialized around the world."

The results? A more powerful battery with better efficiency, improved capacity, faster charging, and slower discharge. A total enhancement across the board that could bring Apple's already impressive battery performance to all-new levels.


Apple's success with in-house manufacturing remains to be seen, with its first batch of self-made Micro-LED displays set to arrive in an Apple Watch Ultra refresh in 2025.

Taking more control of the manufacturing process could further Apple's eco-goals, ensuring a reduction of the company's carbon footprint – and by developing batteries that incorporate renewable materials and promote less e-waste. However, this is speculative, and until we hear from Apple directly, we won't know the extents of their goals when it comes to its battery-focused future.

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