Google Pixel 9 series leaks in full: Hands-on photos show design, cameras, and a Pro XL

Google Pixel 8 Pro in Bay Blue
(Image credit: Laptop Mag / Sean Riley)

Leaked Google Pixel 9 images reveal a significant design overhaul for the upcoming Google Pixel lineup, including a new camera layout, a flat display, and a potential Pixel 9 Pro XL. While an announcement at Google I/O 2024 wasn't in the cards, we know plenty about these phones already thanks to many previous leaks. Whether Google PR does this strategically or the company is simply incapable of keeping anything under wraps is unclear.

These detailed shots, courtesy of the Russian tech site Rozetked, showcase the Pixel 9, Pixel 9 Pro, and the rumored new Pixel 9 Pro XL, alongside an unconfirmed foldable phone codenamed Pixel 9 Fold.

Under the hood

All three rumored Pixel 9 models are expected to pack the next-generation Google Tensor G4 chipset, promising improved performance and efficiency. Here's a breakdown of the leaked RAM and storage configurations:

Pixel 9 (Tokay): 12GB RAM, 128GB ROM

Pixel 9 Pro (Caiman): 16GB RAM, 128GB ROM

Pixel 9 Pro XL (Komodo): 16GB RAM, 128GB ROM

Display details

The leaked specs indicate some changes in screen sizes for the next-gen Pixel. 

Pixel 9: 6.24-inch display (Roughly matching 6.2 on Pixel 8)

Pixel 9 Pro: 6.34-inch display (Down from 6.7 on Pixel 8 Pro)

Pixel 9 Pro XL: 6.73-inch display (Roughly matching 6.7 on Pixel 8 Pro)

Interestingly, the Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro share the same footprint, with the differentiating factor being the size of the bezels — the thicker bezels on the Pixel 9 resulting in a smaller display. All three models are expected to boast vibrant 120Hz AMOLED displays.

Camera Upgrades

The cameras offer a more clear distinction between the Pixel 9 and the Pro models:

Pixel 9: Dual camera system with ultra-wide and wide lenses.
Pixel 9 Pro and Pixel 9 Pro XL: Triple camera system with ultra-wide, wide, and 5x telephoto zoom (all three cameras rumored to be 50MP)

The Google Pixel lineup has always featured excellent cameras, although this often is attributed to the software rather than the hardware. We expect improvements thanks to Google's continued push with AI features as highlighted in the I/O 2024 keynote. 

Design Revamp

The most striking change lies in the redesigned camera module, which ditches the edge-to-edge visor design of the Pixel 8 series. The Pixel 9 lineup embraces a flat aesthetic, featuring a flat back panel, flat screen (replacing the curved display of the previous generation), and completely flat side edges.

Leaked comparison photos reveal a size increase for the Pixel 9 and 9 Pro compared to the Pixel 8, while maintaining a similar footprint to the Pixel 7. The Pro models sport a matte back finish with glossy frames, while the standard Pixel 9 has a glossy back with matte frames.

While Samsung and Apple's top flagships blow the Pixels out of the water when it comes to pure performance, the Pixels remain strong options due to Google's software prowess and perhaps Tensor G4 can help them catch up in power and efficiency. We likely have a few months to wait as Google's Pixel lineup typically arrives in October each year.


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