The new Galaxy Z Fold 6 Slim could have a thinner design and bigger display — so what's the catch?

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5
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Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 6 has yet to be announced, but it's already overshadowed by the rumored Galaxy Z Fold 6 "Slim."

According to a post on X by Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, Samsung might be working on a "Fold 6 Slim" with a "bigger display than the Fold 6." 

And if a thinner Galaxy Z Fold 6 with a bigger display doesn't sound tantalizing enough, get this: Young says, the "price [will] probably [be] similar to the Fold 6." 

Young goes on to note that "panel shipments start in Q4 '24," and that the rumored Galaxy Z Fold 6 Slim "will likely launch in Q1'25 with the S25 Series," which will probably be January or February 2025, based on the previous launches of the S Series.

This would be about six months after the expected launch of the traditional Galaxy Z Fold 6.

Is a thinner, similarly priced Galaxy Z Fold 6 Slim too good to be true? Not necessarily, but this is what it might mean for you.

What we think about the Galaxy Z Fold 6 Slim

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If the rumored Galaxy Z Fold 6 Slim is the same price as the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 6 but with a thinner design and larger display, it will likely have fewer features.

In his tweet, Young notes that the Z Fold 6 Slim will have no S Pen support and it will "definitely be slimmer since no digitizer," which is generally required for touchscreen input. 

Beyond this information — and screen dimensions, which Young reportedly has and is saving for his company's next Foldable Report — he doesn't mention any reductions in specs or features. 

Display panels are definitely among the more expensive components in a foldable phone, so it's not far-fetched that a thinner Z Fold 6 with a larger display and no S Pen support would be the same price as the traditional flagship.

You'd essentially be trading S Pen support for a larger display, which could be a deciding factor for some people, but I think there may be more differences between the two phones.

In response to one X user asking if the Z Fold 6 Ultra had been canceled, Young said, "this may be called the Fold 6 Ultra."

If this slimmer Z Fold 6 is actually the "Ultra" model and not the "Slim" model, it's should have higher specs than the base Galaxy Z Fold 6. In this case, there's no way it would be similarly priced to the base model. A larger screen and better specs in a Z Fold 6 Ultra do seem to make sense, but the support detail certainly confuses things because a premium phone would likely have S Pen support. 

As with all other leaks and rumors, we'll just have to wait and see what else industry leakers and analysts have to offer before Samsung officially announces its Galaxy Z Fold 6 lineup. 

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