Android 15 tipped for summer release — what we know so far

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Google's Android 15 is available for developers to preview starting today, meaning that the full launch could be right around the corner. Developer previews are designed so that software developers can get their apps ready for the new OS and work out any potential bugs ahead of time, after all. That wouldn't be necessary if Android 15 wasn't on its way out the door in the coming months.

The dev preview won't impact Android users on their end at all, but thanks to Google's launch page and a few additional leaks, we do know quite a bit about this latest iteration of Google's operating system.

Android 15: What we know so far

Based on the developer preview release, it seems the Pixel 5 and Pixel 5a may not make the cut for Android 15. The older phones may gain support once the full version launches, but the Pixel 5a is only guaranteed updates through August 2024 while the Pixel 5 is no longer guaranteed to receive any of Google's feature updates.

As Android Police reports, Android 15 will come with increased privacy and security features including an update to the Privacy Sandbox, which replaces third-party cookies on Chrome and Android. The new OS also offers partial screen sharing, allowing you to hide notifications and unwanted apps while screen recording.

Android 15 will also reportedly see new in-app camera controls that let you leverage advanced camera features even from within apps like Instagram or Snapchat. The operating system is also supposed to feature the Android Dynamic Performance Framework, with new APIs to adjust performance, power efficiency, and thermal controls based on what apps are in use.

The update could also include a dedicated audio-sharing and the ability to switch between listening devices, essentially turning your phone into a portable radio station.

Android 15: Potential release date

If Android 15 follows the same release schedule as previous iterations, which seems to be the plan, we'll most likely see a full release sometime after July.

Google currently plans to release six preview versions of Android 15, two developer previews in February and March followed by four rounds of beta testing between April and July. The final June release would likely be focused on stability. So, a late July to September seems entirely possible, likely in tandem with the launch of its latest flagship smartphone the Google Pixel 9.

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