Xbox Series X spotted in the wild — and it looks like a skinny minibar

Xbox Series X
(Image credit: Microsoft)

The Xbox Series X was spotted in the wild and it looks like a skinny minibar!

Microsoft's next-gen console was showcased inside a glass case at the Saturn Xperion E-Arena, an electronic sports league (ESL) store in Germany. Twitter user @KeemaMr snapped a photo of the highly anticipated Series X and the social media post was flooded with a surge of critiques (via TechRadar).

Photos of the Xbox Series X exhibited in a Germany-based ESL store

Twitter user @KeemaMr took photos of the Xbox Series X from several angles, including the top, front and back.

The words "prototype — not for sale" can be found on the backside of the console, revealing that the exhibition is just a preliminary model of the Series X. You can also find two USB Type-A ports in the back of the console, and interestingly, there's no evidence of USB Type-C ports on the Series X.

"Majestic!" @KeemaMr tweeted, gushing over showcased Series X — but not everyone agreed. Scrolling through the post's comments, many people expressed concern about the height of the console, wondering if it could fit snugly inside their TV stands. "Daft idea making it look like a dumpy PC tower, what were they thinking? Or rather weren't thinking," Craig Mackie tweeted. 

"Who uses a TV stand anyway?" one tweeter shot back.

Some praised the Series X for taking a bare-bones, functional approach with its design while others chided Microsoft for its lack of innovation. "No creativity nor inspiration. No thought put in its design. Boring AF. No, it's not an engineering marvel," @HideoKyoshi said.

What do we think of the Series X? Well, as aforementioned, it totally looks like a sleek minibar. Don't be surprised if your house guests try to open your Series X to grab a cold one.

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