Welcome to Laptop Live 2022: Exclusive insights from Intel, Nvidia and more

Laptop Live 2022
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Laptops. They allow us to work and play from just about anywhere, including the office, at home, or on the road. And while notebooks come in many form factors, one thing that hasn’t changed is the silicon needed to run them, particularly the processor and the graphics cards. Here at Laptop Mag, we rigorously examine everything from design to battery life, but our biggest focus lies in the chips and their performance, whether it’s a do-it-all business laptop or a powerful gaming laptop

That’s why Laptop Mag is pleased to announce its first annual Laptop Live. A week-long celebration of the companies that power our favorite pieces of technology with even more powerful processors and graphics cards. Each day, the staff of Laptop Mag will celebrate a different chip maker including Intel, AMD, Nvidia, Qualcomm, and ARM. 

During the course of the event, you can expect exclusive reports on the latest from the biggest names in the industry, including analysis on the current state of affairs, what the future holds for each company, and interviews with top industry insiders. What’s more, the week will deliver a round up of the very best laptops in the industry, and even the best games to play with ray tracing. You’ll also want to keep an eye out for our in-depth video interviews.

So, welcome to Laptop Live!

Laptop Live 2022: Qualcomm

Day 5 of Laptop Live has arrived and for the final day of our chip extravaganza, we close out with Qualcomm. If you're rocking a smartphone, nine times out of ten, a Qualcomm chip is powering it. But that's not the only place you'll find the chip maker as it's slowly been finding its way into our laptops, delivering serious battery life. And they're been powering your trips into the metaverse with the Meta Quest 2 and the upcoming Meta Quest Pro. 

Join us for a peek at the future of Qualcomm, a look into how they can take over the ultrabook market and a robust editor's panel on all the chipmakers. 

Laptop Live 2022: ARM

Day 4 of Laptop Live is here and today is all about ARM. The company is one of the most well known yet, mysterious tech organizations out there. They're in many of your favorite gadgets from smartphones to laptops. Hell, you can even find an ARM chip in some Smart TVs because ARM is the company that designs a lot of the chips that power all those gadgets. But the company's most recent claim to fame is by way of Apple and the M-Series chips. Paired with Apple's OS, the recent MacBooks and iPads have been outpacing a lot of the competition on the market. And it Microsoft is following suit, with a variation of the Surface Pro 9 set to arrive with an ARM chip. 

From the future of ARM to a face-off with a surprising winner, come learn more about ARM and stay tuned for more fantastic chip coverage during Laptop Live.  

Laptop Live 2022: Nvidia

Laptop Live is still going strong and day three is all about Nvidia. That's right, today's all about graphics cards. A juggernaut in the industry, Nvidia has become synonymous with gaming with its wide suite of mobile and desktop solutions ensuring every gamer can enjoy their favorite past time. But it's not all about hardware as the company has rolled out a number of software innovation over the years such as ray tracing and DLSS to make our games look that much better. They even created software to make sure you can stream and video conference better. 

From the best Nvidia gaming laptops, the best games with ray tracing and a deep dive into the future of the company, please enjoy all of today's coverage and stay tuned for more of the Laptop Live festivities.  

Laptop Live 2022: AMD

The second day of Laptop Live is dedicated to AMD. The chipmaker has been enjoying a renaissance over the past few years by way of its Ryzen processors with its Zen architecture and its Radeon RX GPUs. The company is quickly expanding into the mobile space with laptops that are powerful with a surprising amount of endurance. From the laptop that brought AMD back into the forefront, to the future of the company and some of the best gaming laptops from Acer or powered by AMD, check out all of our today's coverage and stay tuned to more from Laptop Live.

Laptop Live 2022: Intel 

We're kicking off Laptop Live with one of the heavy hitters in the industry, Intel. The vaunted chip maker is known for its powerful processors and integrated graphics chips. We caught up with Intel to talk about its current position in the market as well as the company's plans for the future. The company also discussed taking its first steps into the discrete market. Check out both stories below and stay tuned for more Laptop Live every day this week. 

Laptop Live 2022: What to expect  

The week-long celebration of all things chips has begun and will last until Friday, October 21. Each day will focus on a particular big brand in the industry, where you can get exclusive insights on the latest (and future) happenings in tech. 

What’s more, we're showcasing everything from the best Acer gaming laptops to the best games with ray tracing. You may even see a few surprises on those lists.

Wondering what the future of Nvidia holds or the current state of AMD? Check out the schedule below:

  •  Monday, Oct. 17: Intel 
  •  Tuesday, Oct. 18: AMD 
  •  Wednesday, Oct. 19: Nvidia 
  •  Thursday, Oct. 20: ARM 
  •  Friday, Oct. 21: Qualcomm  
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