There’s never been a better time to grab an Acer Chromebook

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In today’s world of being so connected and reliant on technology to get things done, there’s nothing more frustrating than a slow, laggy device that simply can’t keep up. Whether working hard or playing hard, you need a laptop that can keep up with whatever you need. 

Imagine getting a new shiny laptop on the first day of a new job, only to discover that after just a few short months, it’s so slow and bogged down that it struggles with even the simplest of tasks like opening an Excel spreadsheet, sending an email, or uploading files to the cloud. If only you had a computer that could handle your daily tasks as easily as you do. 

Acer Chromebooks are the perfect tool for the job. Designed to be a fast, smooth, and seamless experience, ChromeOS gets updated automatically every month. These updates include security and software features to keep your laptop running faster and more efficiently over time. And these updates happen entirely in the background. There’s no longer a need to remember to check for updates, then wait for them to download, only to then sit around twiddling your thumbs as you wait for it to install and reboot, hoping it all works as it should.

Acer Chromebooks wake up instantly when opened.

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Another big advantage of Chromebooks is that they’re designed to be up and running nearly instantly as soon as the lid is open. That means your laptop is ready to go the moment inspiration hits and you don’t lose that brilliant idea while waiting for the laptop to wake up. Additionally, part of what makes Chromebooks so fast is the lightweight software that doesn’t try to load up a bunch of apps or background processes during boot up. 

But speed isn’t just about how fast the laptop wakes up or runs. A big part of being fast and productive comes from how quickly you can access what you need to get the job done and Chromebooks are perfect for that. With the Everything button, you can instantly search Google, Google Drive, apps, local files, and more — all from one place. 

Being productive also means having a laptop powerful enough to get work done and performance is about so much more than just specs. The power to perform and be truly productive comes down to having the apps you need and the power to run them. Chromebooks have both. 

With access to the Google Play store, there are apps for everything you need to do, such as Google Workspace or Microsoft Office for productivity, Lumafusion or Adobe Lightroom for creativity, Netflix, Disney+ & more for entertainment, or playing your favorite games like Candy Crush or League of Legends. 

Acer Chromebooks with Intel processors are powerful.

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And with 12th-Gen Core i5 Intel processors, there’s plenty of power to handle anything you can throw at it. In short, multitasking or intense tasks like data processing or video editing are a breeze on Chromebook.

Most importantly, Acer Chromebooks are builty to be secure. Each Chromebook comes with a built-in Titan C security chip which keeps both the laptop and your data safe and secure. During boot up, the Titan C chip runs a security check called Verified Boot, and if anything looks out of the ordinary or unsafe, it will automatically boot into a previous, verified version of the software.

“Sandboxing” is a process that keeps different software applications separate, so even if you somehow land on a malicious site, the rest of the computer stays safe.

Coworkers using Acer Chromebooks at a table

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Acer has been building some of the best Chromebooks (opens in new tab) on the market for years and their latest models are on sale at the best prices of the year. The Chromebook Spin 513 (opens in new tab) and Chromebook Spin 514 (opens in new tab) are both highly rated and offer tremendous value while the Chromebook Spin 714 (opens in new tab) packs even more power and performance with a 12th Gen Intel Core i5 processor and plenty of RAM and storage.

Acer Chromebooks are the perfect device for work, school, entertainment, daily use, or anything else you need. Pick one up today.