Ubisoft's Immortals Fenyx Rising release date and screenshots leaked on Microsoft Store

Immortals Fenyx Rising Leaked on Microsoft Store
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Ubisoft's Immortals Fenyx Rising, previously titled Gods & Monsters, had critical information leaked onto the Microsoft Store, including gameplay details, screenshots and a release date.

We can expect to see Immortals Fenyx Rising launch on December 3rd, and if this leak isn't convincing enough for you, Ubisoft is scheduled to host another Ubisoft Forward event on September 10 at 12pm PT or 3pm ET.

Immortals Fenyx Rising screenshots and gameplay

Immortals Fenyx Rising was suddenly leaked onto the Microsoft Store, and although the page is no longer visible, Gematsu compiled all the present info into their article.

The description that was present on the Microsoft Store listing claims that the game will be a "grand mythological adventure" where we're "on a quest to save the Greek gods from a dark curse." The synopsis continues, "wield the powers of the gods to battle powerful mythological beasts in the air or on the ground, and solve ancient puzzles. The fate of the world is at stake–you are the gods’ last hope.

Immortals Fenyx Rising will also come with Smart Delivery, giving players access to the Xbox One and Xbox Series X version after a single purchase of either. The game will also have a pre-order bonus, which gives players access to the “A Tale of Fire and Lightning” quest.

The leak also provided details on a few features about the game, including the ability to wield "Achilles’ sword and Daidalos’ wings to battle powerful enemies and solve ancient puzzles." This definitely gives me Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild vibes, and I wouldn't be surprised if Ubisoft tried to make a game similar to it in an attempt to appeal to that audience.

We can also expect the game to have a mix of ground and air combat, where players will encounter "iconic mythological beasts like Cyclops and Medusa." The Microsoft Store listing doesn't provide many details on the abilities players will be able to use, but it does mention "self-guided arrows" and "telekinesis." And finally, Immortals Fenyx Rising will feature an "open world" which spans across "seven unique regions, each inspired by the gods."

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