Twitch Studio is now in beta on Mac

Twitch Studio macOS
(Image credit: Twitch Interactive)

Twitch recently announced that it's expanding its Twitch Studio to function on macOS in beta. Twitch Studio is a software that allows for streamers to execute actions quicker and allow for lots of customization. 

Instead of acting like a third-party software, Twitch Studio can integrate directly into your stream and allows you to bypass unnecessary configuration which could be time consuming and tedious. Primarily, it'll help streamers by providing recommended settings, detecting hardware and detailed instructions on how to set up a stream.

Twitch Studio also comes with an audio-capturing system that can share audio directly to your stream, built-in chat integration and intuitive alert systems. Additionally, you can personalize your layout and connect your iPhone or iPad and share those screens within your stream.

Twitch has promised that its "continuing to invest in Twitch Studio and improve the experience for both current and new streamers." This means we'll likely be seeing additional features coming to the software throughout the rest of the year.

If you're interested in getting started with Twitch Studio, you can head to the official download site.

Momo Tabari
Contributing Writer

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