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TimeSplitters is making a comeback with original developers: What we know so far

(Image credit: Deep Silver)

If you haven't heard of TimeSplitters, let me regale you of a time where the first-person shooter formula peaked during the PS2-era. TimeSplitters is a ridiculous time-traveling action-adventure puzzle-solving game with a comical story and fun gunplay. There have been three main games thus far, and fans have long awaited a TimeSplitters 4.

Now, Deep Silver has officially announced that it "plans to bring the TimeSplitters franchise back to life." The company is opening a whole new development studio to reform the original Free Radical Design studio.

Everything we know about the next TimeSplitters

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The new Free Radical Design studio will be headed up by Steve Ellis and David Doak, who worked on the original TimeSplitters games. As of right now, development on a new game hasn't even started, so we probably won't see it for several years.

It's unclear how TimeSplitters is set to return necessarily, whether it will be TimeSplitters 4 or simply a reboot. It would be cool to see a reboot with nods to the original games through some wacky time travel stuff.

It'll also be most interesting to see how TimeSplitters changes, from graphics to gameplay, since it did have sort of a goofy yet nostalgic art-style for the time. I just hope it has some of the same coop modes that the originals did.

Stay tuned for more info, as development is set to start in a few months after the new studio has been built.