The PS5 might be customizable and upgradeable: What we know

(Image credit: A9VG)

Leaked images of the PS5's shell suggest that Sony's upcoming console is customizable or even upgradeable. The photos show white plates with simple prongs that look like they slot into the console.

The alleged PS5 plates appeared on Chinese gaming-related forum A9VG. It's possible Sony intends for these swappable plates to be cosmetic, but their true purpose remains unclear.

PS5 leaked images

Someone on ResetEra named "brokenswiftie" calculated the PS5's dimensions based on the size of a nearby paper and came up with two possibilities: 13.98 x 10.77 inches or 15.86 x 12.21 inches. The former is based on A4 paper and the latter is based on D4, which is the standard Chinese format.

Third-party sources will likely have a field day creating new face-plates for the PS5 -- I bet you'll even see some on Etsy. Back in June, VP of UX Design at PlayStation, Matt MacLaurin, stated that there would be special editions of the console down the road, so anything is possible.

However, the removable plates could have another purpose, such as giving the user access to the storage. Similar to Xbox, Sony might want to give users the option to upgrade the storage, since it "only" comes with 825GB of space out of the box.

We'll know more closer to launch or, at the very least, when we get our hands on the console.

Rami Tabari

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