The Medium gameplay gives off Resident Evil and Devil May Cry vibes

The Medium: 14 minutes of gameplay gives off Resident Evil and Devil May Cry vibes
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We got a glimpse at The Medium gameplay and it's very reminiscent of old school Resident Evil and Devil May Cry games from the creepiness to the weird camera angles.

We finally have a good idea of what we'll be doing and that includes puzzle solving and running away from creepy monsters that want to *checks notes* wear us as a dress (yikes).

The Medium gameplay

The very opening of the gameplay video is filled with supernatural sound effects that sound like something out of Devil May Cry -- the original, specifically, as it had a more gothic and creepy theme than the rest of the games.

You're then introduced to the old-school camera angles, which actually suit the style of the game. Then you meet a ghostly character named Sadness, and at that point in the gameplay, The Medium showcases its simultaneous cinematics between the spirit world and the real world.

While the cutscenes happen at the same time, both are directed differently and serve different purposes, as one shot can give you a wide-angle view of the scenario while the other delivers the close-up shot to see the emotion in the character's face.

The rest of the gameplay gives us an idea of some of the puzzle-solving mechanics and what a big ol' creepy monster looks like. So far, it seems like a genuinely fun game that I wouldn't want to play alone. I'll do Dark Souls, but scary games are not my thing.

The Medium launches on January 28, 2021, and if you happen to be subscribed to Xbox Game Pass, you'll be able to play the game for free on launch day.

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