Surface Neo — dual-screen PC scrapped from Microsoft site, reportedly delayed until 2022

Microsoft Surface Neo
Microsoft Surface Neo (Image credit: Microsoft/YouTube)

The Microsoft Surface Neo was poised for a "Holiday 2020" release when we were first introduced to the dual-screen PC last October. The Surface Neo generated "oohs" and "ahhs" from the public, but the highly anticipated device will not see the light of day until 2022, according to Windows Latest sources.

On Saturday, as Mspoweruser pointed out, Microsoft scrapped the Surface Neo official product page from its website, further substantiating claims that the Surface Neo isn't on track to hit store shelves any time soon.

The Microsoft Surface Neo release date has a two-year delay

Interestingly, soon after the Surface Duo's launch, Microsoft deleted all Surface Neo videos from its YouTube channel. This is only speculation, but with the onslaught of critical reviews about the Surface Duo's wonky interface, perhaps Microsoft is making sure to not repeat history with its dual-screen PC. 

Before labeling the Surface Neo has a consumer-ready product, Microsoft is likely ironing out a few more kinks before releasing the product.

Microsoft Surface Neo

Microsoft Surface Neo (Image credit: Microsoft)

We reported in July that Microsoft halted production of the Surface Neo to shift its resources to more pressing matters. We also unveiled that another reason behind the Surface Neo's delay is Microsoft's setbacks with Windows 10X. The Surface Neo was poised to ship with Windows 10X by the end of this year, but unfortunately, the operating system purpose-built for foldable devices will not roll out until 2022 due to alleged performance problems with Win32 apps emulation.

There may be a limited Windows 10X release in 2021, but business and education consumers will have first dibs.

The Surface Neo's reported 2022 delay is now being validated by Windows Latest via unnamed sources. Although we have our theories, it's unclear whether the main culprit behind the Surface Neo's delay is the pandemic, Windows 10X issues, Surface Duo criticism, or all three.

Microsoft Surface Neo

Microsoft Surface Neo (Image credit: Microsoft)

When Neowin reached out to Microsoft to squeeze out more information about the Surface Neo's setbacks, the Redmond-based tech giant said the following: "Earlier this year, we announced that we’re pausing development for Surface Neo. We do not have any updates to share at this time."

Though many were excited to get their hands on the Surface Neo this year, after experimenting with the Surface Duo, trust me when I say that it's best that Microsoft takes its time to perfect the Surface Neo before releasing it to the public.

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