No way! Sonic Frontiers is already on sale — get $20 off in last-minute Cyber Monday deal

Sonic Frontiers
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Sonic Frontiers is certainly a divisive game, but money talks and with $20 off already (it’s only been out for two weeks), this is definitely one of the better Cyber Monday deals.

Shout-out to the people who paid full price only a few days ago. My heart goes out to you, but for those of you who waited, now may be the right time to buy.

Sonic Frontiers: $59 $39 @ Best Buy

Sonic Frontiers: $59 $39 @ Best Buy
This price is available across all versions. So whether you’re on PS5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch or PS4, you’re covered. 

So, look past the rather dramatic headline of my Sonic Frontiers hands-on review and you can see what my gripes were — the free roaming sections felt a little slow and clumsy, the camera can be a pain at times and there are a fair few physics and visual glitches (which I assume will be ironed out in updates).

But around these problems were some glimpses of the Sonic formula that I really enjoyed. The sense of speed and fluidity of movement, all wrapped up in what is a unique reinvention of the formula that lots of people clearly love, warts and all. 

At full price, I would have said Frontiers is not worth buying. It’s clearly Sega’s first experimental foray into a brave new world of Sonic, which needs a little more time in the oven. But with $20 off and the promise of plenty of free DLC, now is the best time to buy if you’re curious about what the future holds for the hedgehog.

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