Rode releases new PSA1+ professional studio arm

Rode PSA1 studio arm
(Image credit: Rhode)

Today, Rode, a world leader in professional and consumer audio products, released the PSA1+ studio arm meant for pros and content creators of every level. It will retail for $99, and though some may deem that a bit pricey, having purchased several different (cheaper) studio arms that have let me down, I know how tricky buying the right studio arm can be. I've had some severe mic arm failures, like the time a mic arm gave out during a podcast and the mic crashed down loudly onto my desk.  

The PSA1+ combines a finished, sleek look and a sturdy design to level up any streamers, podcasters, and broadcaster's work area. The all-black with white Rhode logo and chrome metal elements are dazzling and I can't wait to get my hands on it. 

According to Rode, the PSA1+ can handle microphones as heavy as 2.6 pounds backed by the strength of its internal parallelogram spring springs that are also entirely silent thanks ta o dampening system. I've had arm springs being very loudly heard in the background of recordings if moved, which is not a good thing.

Built with stability and flexibility in mind, the PSA1+ is capable of handling microphones as heavy as 2.6 pounds backed by the strength of its internal parallelogram spring springs that are also completely silent thanks to the internal dampening system. The PAS1+ comes with everything you need to set it up quickly.

Rode PSA1+ studio arm

(Image credit: Rhode)
PSA1+ specs

Thread Size 3/8"

Weight 3.8 pounds

Horizontal Reach 32.2-inches

Vertical Reach 33-inches

Minimum Weight Supported  1.5 pounds

Maximum Weight Supported  2.6 pounds

Price $99

Rode is also releasing a new USB mic and other peripherals aimed at improving the quality of the audio and the look of your content. I, for one, am excited to see what they're bringing to the marketplace. Rode is known for its build quality, so I am curious about how the PSA1+ will handle the many different mics I review. We shall soon find out. 

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