[Update] PS5: Yes, it can come in black — only if you get this custom skin

Platestation 5
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Update on Oct. 26: One of the Platestation 5 founders reached out to us to provide reassurance about their PS5 plates as some social-media users were concerned about the company's legitimacy. "The PS5 isn't even out yet! How do they know the dimensions?" some asked. Well, Platestation 5 founder Hadyn hinted that they are privy to the PS5's dimensions, which are currently embargoed. 

"All I'll say is we've got an immensely talented team (of engineers mainly) and have been prototyping since Sony first released their teardown video. We are in the final stage of prototyping before moving to production, but to ease your reader's mind, I will say that before we ship any goods we will make sure to thoroughly test the plates to ensure that they a.) fit perfectly and b.) pass all safety tests," Haydn told Laptop Mag.

As the PS5 release date looms and fans scuffle to secure pre-orders, there is still one question that remains unanswered: "Will the PS5 come in black?" Sony hasn't announced any official plans to release an all-black version of its swanky console, but there is a workaround solution.

A company cleverly called Platestation 5 designs custom plates for the highly anticipated, next-gen Sony console. The plates come in four colors: Chromatic, Cherry Red, Matte Black, Indigo Blue and Jungle Camo.

The PS5 can come in black thanks to Platestation 5, but people are skeptical

Platestation 5's custom PS5 plates are gaining traction and popularity on Twitter with many salivating over the matte black and red faceplate, but there are a handful of users asking whether Platestation 5's panels are legit.

The PS5 in black

The PS5 in Matte Black and Cherry Red (Image credit: Platestation 5)

Twitter users are wondering how Platestation 5, a third-party company that's not affiliated with Sony, could possibly create custom plates for the PS5 if the console isn't even out yet.

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Although the PS5 is not out yet, the dimensions of the next-gen Sony console are, indeed, public. According to our sister site GamesRadar, the dimensions of the PS5 are approximately 15.4  x 4.1 x 10.2 inches (width x height x depth).

We reached out to Platestation 5 to get more insight on how the company is designing custom plates without having the PS5 in hand; we will update this article with the company's response when we get it.

According to Platestation 5's official website, the company says that it is aiming to have their custom panels delivered to customers sometime between Nov. 19 and Nov. 23.

"Units will be shipped on a best efforts basis on or before the Sony Playstation 5 release date on November 12th. Upon shipment, it will take approx. 5-7 days to arrive (Nov 19-23). Once an item has been shipped a confirmation email will be. sent to the customer."

Platestation 5 added that if there are any unforeseen circumstances that thwart the shipment of the panels, they will ask customers for an additional 14-day grace period. If the unit isn't delivered after the 14 days, Platestation 5 promises that they will issue full, immediate refunds to customers.

Platestation 5 isn't the only company trying to cash in on PS5 customization. DBrand is also selling a wide range of PS5 skins in several textures and colors, including wood, leather and red carbon fiber.

DBrand custom skins PS5

DBrand skins (Image credit: DBrand)

Plates from Platestation 5 cost $39.99 while skins from DBrand cost $14.99 per panel. There's a good chance Sony could sell custom PS5 panels in the future, so we'd recommend PS5 owners to purchase skins from an official source since we cannot confirm Platestation 5's nor DBrand's legitimacy.

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