PS5 weight possibly revealed — and it's a beast

PS5 Weight Revealed
(Image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

The PS5 could be one of the heaviest consoles ever, which might not come as a surprise due to its incredibly large size (via TechRadar).

Ever since the PS5 was revealed, fans have accurately compared the physical dimensions of the console to many others and determined it was going to be shockingly large.

This was done by a user on Reddit who took an image of the console and up-scaled it based on the size of the USB port and disk drive. However, it now appears that the console will not only be huge, but it could be incredibly heavy.

According to an Amazon Germany posting of the PlayStation 5, the console is listed as being 4.78kg, which is equivalent to 10.54 pounds. This was discovered by a user on Reddit, and while Sony hasn't made it official yet, it's probably legitimate.

10.54 pounds is incredibly heavy. In fact, this would make the PlayStation 5 the second-heaviest console ever made, beaten only by the PlayStation 3. Many of us vividly remember lifting the original PS3, and it was undeniably chunky. Sony released a slim version of the console nearly three years after its release, and it was far lighter, coming in at 7.1 pounds.

The fact that the PlayStation 5 could be cursed with a similar fate doesn't sound too appealing, especially when you consider that the Xbox One was frequently criticized for being too big and too heavy, yet the console itself was only 7 pounds (its heavy charger added an extra .8 pounds).

For further comparison, the PlayStation 4 weighed 6.2 pounds while the PlayStation 4 Slim comes in at 4.6 pounds. If the PlayStation 5 is truly going to weigh 10.54 pounds, Sony will likely face criticism for both its size and weight.

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