PS5 is dominating in Japan — it outsold Xbox Series X by a huge margin

(Image credit: Future)

The early purchase numbers are in from Japan and the PS5's home advantage is showing with sales of 118,000 units sold in the first four days since its launch. 

This is according to data released by Famitsu Research from the initial launch date of Nov. 12 through Nov. 15 for the PS5 and November 10 to 15 for the Xbox Series X / S. 

Xbox S/X sales were at 21,000 units thus far which isn't too far off from Xbox One's initial sales back in 2014 (23,562). If we take the pandemic into consideration, Xbox is actually not doing bad at all. 

Famitsu also reports that, although Xbox is not normally a big seller in Japan, the new consoles are completely sold out. We're also reminded that when the PS4 first launched in Japan, it sold 300,000 units, which shows what a profound effect the Covid-19 pandemic is having on consoles sales. 

So far, according to Famitsu, the best-selling game on PS5 is Spider-Man Miles Morales with 18,640 units sold, followed by Demon Souls with 16,6077 units sold. 

With it being reported recently that Microsoft is seeking to purchase several Japanese game studios, Xbox sales in Japan could improve in the future. 

Mark Anthony Ramirez

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