PS5 gets first live-action commercial — and it's captivating

(Image credit: Daniel Ahmad/Twitter)

Sony is ramping up its marketing efforts for the PS5 as the release of the next-gen console approaches. Its latest attempt to win over the hearts of gamers comes in the form of a live-action commercial — the first for the PS5. 

The TV spot was posted online by industry analyst Daniel Ahmad on Twitter and it looks to have been made for the Hungarian market (although the advert is in English). It's unclear whether it will be shown to the worldwide market. Thankfully, we have the internet, so you can see the clip below.

The advert highlights some of the PS5's new features instead of focusing on its power. It's all about providing more immersion with the console's 3D Audio architecture and the haptic feedback in the new DualSense controller

"Welcome to a world where you can feel more. See with sound and feel force at your fingertips. Welcome to a new world of immersion," the narrator in the clip whispers seductively. 

In the live-action trailer, a woman seems to be living within various video games. There are scenes where she is knocking an arrow, dodging an explosion and running away from a sea monster. We don't get to see any gameplay footage but the clip captures Sony's message: playing on the PS5 won't just look good but it will feel good as well.

The emergence of a ready-for-TV commercial suggests Sony is ready to pour money into its PS5 marketing campaign, and that we'll be seeing more adverts in the coming weeks and months. Sony has yet to announce the official release date for the PS5 but all signs point to an early-to-mid November launch. 

Phillip Tracy

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