PS5 games can now be played on PS4 — But there is a catch

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The PS5 April update brings cross-generational Share Play, which means PS5 owners can now share their screen with those still on the PS4. This also allows them to hand control over to the watcher, which means if both users have a stable internet connection, PS4 players will now be able to enjoy PS5 games.

Of course, this isn't perfect. It requires you to have a friend who owns a PS5, and if your connection is shoddy, it won't work well. However, if circumstances are ideal, someone who only owns a PS4 could theoretically play something like Demon's Souls from start to finish. The update will go live on April 14.

Players will also be able to request to join game sessions between PS5 and PS4, meaning two friends will have an easier time connecting if they are playing Fortnite on each console.

PS5's April update also lets games be downloaded to an external storage device. Unfortunately, they still cannot be played from that device; many games are optimized for Sony's lightning-fast SSD and anything less could cause technical issues. This update could still be useful, as Sony claims "it is faster to reinstall PS5 games from USB extended storage than to re-download or copy them from a disc."

Additionally, we can expect an improved game base, screen zoom settings, a new trophy screen, game library customization, and the ability to disable game chat or adjust another player's volume. This marks PS5's first major software update since the console's launch.

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