The PS5 has arrived — here is how it looks

(Image credit: Sony/YouTube)

Sony finally unveiled the PS5 during its Future of Gaming event, and it looks, well, awesome. 

The box is predominately white and features sleek curves. There is a black middle section that slopes like a skateboard ramp. This is where the components are held and there appears to be some ventilation on the edges for cooling. Sony's signature blue lighting accents the edges of the box, giving the console a futuristic look. On the front of the console are USB-A and USB-C ports. 

Based on the brief glimpse we got of the console, it appears to be sitting on a removable circular base that elevates the front end of the console when it is positioned vertically. We'll need to see it in person to see exactly how it all works. Regardless, the PS5 can be placed on its bottom or side for a vertical or horizontal orientation. I've got to admit, it looks a bit funky on its side.

(Image credit: Sony)

(Image credit: Sony)
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Not everyone is so enthusiastic about the design, however. The divisive aesthetic has sparked some polarizing opinions, much like the new DualSense controller, which also features a mostly white color scheme with some black and blue accents. 

(Image credit: Sony)

There will be two versions of the PS5, a regular PS5 with a 4K Blu-ray drive and a PS5 Digital Edition without a disk drive. The all-digital version is slightly thinner than the standard edition and it has a slightly smaller base. We are still waiting on pricing and a release date for the PS5.

Sony also showed off a Pulse 3D headset, an HD camera, a media remote and a charging station for the DualSense controller. Again, the price and release date of these accessories were not discussed. 

Here are some more close-up shots of the console so you can decide if the design is for you.

(Image credit: Sony)

(Image credit: Sony)

(Image credit: Sony)
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