OnePlus 9 is pulling an Oprah — You're all getting chargers!

OnePlus 9
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The OnePlus 9 is officially arriving on March 23, and fans have plenty of reason to be excited about the upcoming flagship after the company announced a multi-year partnership with Hasselblad to improve its camera performance.

OnePlus CEO and Founder Pete Lau added yet another reason to the list with a reply to a post in the OnePlus forums confirming that the OnePlus 9 Series will have chargers in the box (via AndroidAuthority).

If you haven't been in the market for a new phone recently then that may seem like a given. But as a reminder, Apple's iPhone 12 and Samsung's Galaxy S21 models all eliminated the bundled charger from the box and it stands to reason that other brands are likely to follow suit and save some money in the process. 

OnePlus Forums comment from CEO Pete Lau indicating the OnePlus 9 will include a charger in the box.

(Image credit: OnePlus Forums)

For consumers, it isn't a huge cost; Apple and Samsung both dropped the price of their respective fast chargers to $20 to lessen the blow, but it's still an added cost on top of already very expensive phones. This move from OnePlus, assuming its phone pricing remains reasonable, reaffirms its position as the value option in the flagship market.

While Lau didn't go into any further details regarding the chargers, it seems likely that this will be the same 65W "Warp Charger" that was included with the OnePlus 8T last year. This incredible fast-charging is a huge feature advantage for OnePlus, allowing its phones to recharge in half the time of its competitors even with their so-called fast chargers. OnePlus can press this advantage by making it simply part of the package.

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