New Apple AirPods reportedly arriving in May — here's what we know

Apple Airpods Pro
(Image credit: Laptop Mag)

New Apple AirPods are rumored to debut alongside the new MacBook Pro next month, according to tech forecaster Jon Prosser of Front Page Tech.  But there's some confusion, as TechRadar reported, on whether it's the unofficially named AirPods Pro Lite or a third-gen version of the regular AirPods.

If you ask us, we suspect the AirPods rumored to hit store shelves in May is likely the AirPods Pro Lite -- a cheaper alternative to the premium AirPods Pro. Prosser, who spilled the beans in a tweet, didn't flesh out more predictions about the upcoming AirPods beyond a next-month launch date.

Prosser's tweet hinted that the new AirPods were poised to be revealed in March, but due to coronavirus disruptions, Apple reportedly opted for a May release. The rumored AirPods Pro Lite announcement falls in line with an earlier forecast we reported in February, unveiled by Taiwanese tech site Digitimes.

It's also worth noting that Prosser isn't some unreliable rumormonger -- the well-connected tech YouTuber, according to AppleInsider, was spot-on about recent Apple-related leaks, including the iPhone SE's launch date and other specs about the buzzworthy smartphone. 

We don't know for sure what eye-catching features the AirPods Pro Lite will strut around, but according to PhoneArena's predictions, the device won't be sporting active noise cancellation nor Transparency mode -- a reflection of the model's more economical cost. The AirPods Pro Lite may feature customizable tips, sweat and water resistance, and a wireless charging case.

Given Prosser's respectable track record with tech leaks, there's a good chance that a new AirPods model will, indeed, become widely available sometime next month. We can't wait to see how well Prosser's predictions mirror reality as May approaches.

Kimberly Gedeon

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