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Every trailer shown at Sony's March State of Play: Exoprimal, Forspoken and Valkyrie Elysium

Sony's March State of Play was quite entertaining

Exoprimal Trailer
(Image: © Capcom)

Sony had its latest PlayStation State of Play today, and there were quite a few exciting surprises. It featured plenty of new titles out of the best Japanese publishers, including Capcom and Square Enix. Here's every trailer you might have missed from the show.


Sony started the conference with a trailer for a game about dinosaur hunting while piloting a mecha-suit. Exoprimal, a new game by Capcom, features plenty of different suit types with players fighting hundreds of dinosaurs at once. Online of some sort seems to be featured, along with terrain destruction across a city.

Sony is showing off new footage of Ghostwire: Tokyo shortly before its release this month. Here, we're seeing more detail on the relationship between KK and Akito, along with plenty new monster types and areas to explore.

Strangers of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, which is releasing on March 18, received a new trailer at the show.

Forspoken was given a new trailer, showcasing a battle against a gigantic dragon, plenty of the incredible powers at the player's disposal, and many shots of the game's expansive landscapes.

Gundam Evolution is a multiplayer shooter launching spring this year. We got to see footage of its first-person multiplayer action, along with three competitive game modes.

A collection of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games are being ported to PlayStation in a package called the "Cowabunga Collection." It's set to launch sometime this year.

A kaijug-fighter called Gigabash where players battle throughout a city and demolish buildings was given a new trailer.

A new Jojo All Star Battle fighting game was shown off during the PlayStation conference through a gameplay trailer.

Trek to Yomi is a side-scrolling game where players take control of a samurai and engage in intense battles. This game features cinematic cutscenes and a black-and-white aesthetic. It's launching Spring 2022.

Returnal is receiving a co-op update, which is absolutely wonderful and a great sounding addition. And it also looks like new monsters and areas are being added, along with a new gamemode.

Square Enix showcased a trailer for The DioFIELD Chronicle. It appears to be a top down strategy game with RPG elements set in a fantasy world wrought by war. It launches in 2022.

Square Enix unveiled footage of Valkyrie Elysium, a new action game where the player explores derelict cities and battles wild monsters. It's sent to launch at some point in 2022.