Kevin Durant-backed basketball game 'Gym Class VR' launches on Meta Quest — why it feels so 'realistic'

Gym Class VR
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As reported in early August, Gym Class VR is a breakout hit. Although it officially launched today, it amassed a wave of positive reviews when it launched via Meta Quest App Lab (a hub that lets developers roll out beta versions of their games). Among 16,000 reviews, Gym Class VR earned a 4.9 rating.

Why is it so popular? Not only can you play virtual basketball with players from all around the world, but its in-game physics mimics real-world behaviors and movements.

Gym Class VR officially launches on Meta Quest

It's official! IRL Studios, the folks behind Gym Class VR, announced that the game is now on Meta Quest after a massively successful beta roll out and impressive funding rounds. Investors include Kevin Durant, Lonzo Ball, and many other prominent figures in the NBA world.

Gym Class VR

Gym Class VR (Image credit: IRL Studios Inc.)

In fact, you can step into Durant and Ball's shoes in Gym Class VR because, as mentioned, gamers are raving about the app's ultra-accurate mechanics. One reviewer claimed that shooting three pointers and dunking feels quite similar to real-life physics, making the game quite challenging for many users.

Another review concurred, adding that it's a fun, interactive, and realistic game.

According to IRL Studios, dribbling, shooting, grabbing, blocking, jumping and sprinting are all based on real, physical movements tracked by Meta Quest. Now that the Quest Pro is out, a VR headset that has more than 10 sensors for tracking the face, eyes and hands, perhaps Gym Class VR will give Quest Pro owners an edge with highly accurate movements that translate perfectly in the metaverse (we'll have to test this ourselves to find out).

Gym Class VR

Gym Class VR (Image credit: IRL Studios Inc.)

Beware! This game has a huge multiplayer aspect, so you're bound to run into trolls. This is a downside, according to the reviews. "The kids in the game are so annoying," one reviewer complained. "Anything in a public lobby in this game is super toxic," another commented. 

Fortunately, there is a way to play by yourself against AI bots, so if you have no interest in playing against strangers, you can simply practice your basketball skills on your own.

Gym Class VR, available on the Meta Quest app today, is a free-to-play VR game. However, there is a $14.99 GM mode that lets players invite friends to play on a customizable private court. There are also skins and accessories available for purchase for your avatar.

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