iPhone SE 4 rumored to include this amazing iPhone 15 Pro feature

iPhone SE 4
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Word of Apple’s iPhone SE 4 has been sparse at best, but rumors have surfaced online of some significant changes coming to the Cupertino company’s smartphone — including a much anticipated iPhone 15 Pro feature.

The fourth-generation iPhone SE has reportedly found itself stuck in development limbo with insiders claiming the device was to see a delay or even cancellation last year. However, if recent reports are accurate, Apple’s affordable iPhone is back on track in a big way. 

iPhone SE 4: All killer, no filler?

According to tipster Unknownz21 (formerly URedditor) on X, the Apple iPhone SE 4 looks set to adopt all of the highlights of Apple’s recent and future smartphone releases including the iPhone 14’s design, the iPhone 15’s USB-C port, and the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max’s Action Button.

The leaker refers to the upcoming smartphone as “effectively an iPhone 14 derivative” with its design mostly based on the 2022 iPhone release though with only one rear camera in its arsenal. The leak also points to FaceID and USB-C making an appearance, though the feature likely to capture the attention of many is the iPhone 15 Pro’s Action Button.

The Action Button is set to replace the iPhone’s mute switch, allowing users to quickly access preset functions with a single press. A recent data-scraping of the iOS17 developer beta 4 code revealed several Action Button implementations including quick camera access, focus mode switching, recording voice memos, and translation uses.


It’s highly unlikely that we’ll see the iPhone SE 4 at Apple’s September 2023 event. However, Bloomberg’s resident Applephile Mark Gurman believes we’re likely to see the phone release in Spring 2024.

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