iPhone 14 — this rumor is the one reason I’ll finally upgrade from my iPhone 11

iPhone 14 — this rumor is the one reason I’ll finally upgrade from my iPhone 11
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Next week, Apple is expected to launch its latest iPhone 14 during the "Far Out" event on September 7, and most are very excited. I've had a ho-hum approach to the past two iPhone launches and have stayed with my iPhone 11, as the incremental upgrades to the processor and camera haven't been enough for me to shell out over $1,000.

However, with a new rumor emerging that the iPhone 14 will be capable of satellite connectivity, it may be just the feature to push me into trading in my iPhone 11 (and selling an organ on the black market to buy Apple's pricey flagship). Sure, we loved the iPhone 13, but it isn't capable of ordering pizza from a mountain top in the Andes.

This rumored iPhone 14 feature changes everything

For the iPhone 14 Pro, rumors indicate we can expect an A16 Bionic, possible storage upgrades, and even the range of color options. The biggest upgrades come in the camera and its software; being a camera guy, you would think that would've gotten me excited. I own cameras to shoot photos and video, and I only use my iPhone camera when I don't happen to have one of my cameras.

According to well-regarded Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo's recent blog, "satellite communication is one of iPhone 14's test items before mass production, and Apple had completed hardware tests for this feature." He goes on to state that "iPhone 14's satellite communication mainly provides emergency texting/voice services."

This is a huge upgrade that will provide consumers with worldwide coverage and makes me scream, "take all my money" and bow at the altar of the church of Cook. In his post, Kuo goes on to say that the hardware testing is complete and all that's left to be done is for Apple to come up with a business model and possibly form a partnership with a satellite communications provider.

Why satellite connectivity is game changing

T-Mobile has partnered up with Starlink so that in the future, they can offer satellite connectivity, but it seems Apple is fast on the company's heels. Other companies like MediaTek and Huawei have been busying themselves with adding satellite capabilities to upcoming phones and hardware. 

In a world where we are facing climate-related disasters more often than not, which lead to massive infrastructure failures, having the ability to get help or communicate with loved ones is tremendously vital. Having six carbon footprints running around the world as I do, knowing that I will be able to reach them or that they can reach me during an emergency is comforting. 

5G towers have a much more limited range than 4G, but even with 4G, there are signal deserts where if you get stuck, you're truly on your own or looking for a payphone (good luck with that) to get help.

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Having a phone that has the ability to still make calls during the zombie apocalypse or if I'm off the beaten path in the woods filming, where the signal is often non-existent, will give me a greater sense of security. No need to facedown bigfoot alone or, when on the road in the middle of nowhere, facing off some toothless axe murderer. With a satellite-connected phone, you'll always be able to call for help or even share your location.  

So, if Apple announces that the new iPhone 14 is capable of satellite connectivity, yes, that is me with a smile on my face selling an organ on eBay, as I will finally upgrade from my iPhone 11.

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