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iPhone 13 Pro to come with 120Hz displays — and Samsung is cashing in (report)

Apple iPhone 120Hz displays
(Image credit: Apple)

There have been rumors swirling about the next Apple iPhone 13 coming with a major display upgrade for a while now.  According to a report from TheElec, the upcoming iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max will feature an LTPO AMOLED 120Hz display made by Samsung. TheElec also reported that Samsung Electro-Mechanics would provide Apple with a rigid-flexible circuit board (RFPCB) for the upcoming iPhone 13. 

The RFPCB costs more than the current FPCB circuit boards used and is necessary to connect OLED screens to the main boards within your phone. Although rigid, the RFPCB boards can be folded, giving Apple's designing team more options when designing the upcoming iPhone 13. 

Samsung Electro-Mechanics is rumored to be shutting its doors due to poor profits. Even though the company provided circuit boards for the iPhone 12 and will also provide them for the upcoming iPhone 13. The unit still appears ready to leave the circuit business behind. Meanwhile, Samsung Display will be supplying Apple with 110 million displays for the iPhone in 2021, with an additional 50 million coming from LG Display and 9 million from BOE. Both of those displays will be of the 60Hz variety to be used in the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini. 

Apple is expected to reveal the upcoming iPhone 13 in the fall of 2021, possibly in September. However, with all the supply chain delays being experienced by all the tech giants, there could be a delay, meaning we could see the next iteration of iPhones hitting the market in October or later.