In true Apple fashion, this vital Vision Pro accessory may be sold separately

Apple Vision Pro
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A recent report from Bloomberg's reputable Apple leaker Mark Gurman suggests that the Apple Vision Pro might not launch with its top strap included in the base $3,499 package.

The Apple Vision Pro is certainly no stranger to criticism, but one of its more prevalent concerns relates to its unwieldy weight. This strap is designed to add extra support and make it feel less heavy on the head, but the expectation for consumers to pay anything more than the already expensive package is a classic Apple move.

Apple Vision Pro for $3,500 without a strap

Comfort issues seem to haunt the Apple Vision Pro, and while we don't have a confirmed weight quite yet, many reported during the hands-on period that it got uncomfortable within a short time. The inclusion of this strap is designed to make this headset less painful to use during long periods, so it's concerning that Apple might not include it in its base package.

It's also important to note that during Apple's WWDC 2023 conference, they specifically state that the "Apple Vision Pro starts at $3,499." Like any Apple product, which often have tons of accessories that can be purchased alongside it, you'll have to pay extra for certain goods.

Apple Vision Pro

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The Apple iPad Gen 10 starts at $449.99, but including additional storage, Apple Pencil Gen 1, Apple Pencil Adapter, Magic Keyboard Folio, and cellular capability brings that cost up to $1,106. If it's remotely comparable to how many little goodies are included in that package, it's possible that the price point could get over $4,000 for the Vision Pro if you want everything.

But it's not hard to see that this shouldn't be the case. $3,499 is already a ludicrous price point that has been the butt of a joke on the internet for weeks now, so forcing people to pay extra is both surprising and very in-line with Apple. Perhaps this strap isn't necessarily cheap to manufacture, but considering consumers are already paying $3,500 for this unwieldy monstrosity, it's scary to think Apple won't include it. 

Yet Apple is no stranger to turning basic accessories into a separate purchase. This could be seen all the way back in 2020 with the launch of the iPhone 12, which no longer included charging adapters with its packages at launch.

On the other hand, it might not be necessary for the company to include this. According to another report, The Apple Vision Pro could be severely limited in its production capacity

Why include a strap that is heavily recommended for comfort when you could sell it on the side and make more money out of it? If Apple truly expects that every single one of these headsets will sell out, it would be a waste of money for the company to bump up the headset's value without charging extra.

We won't know for sure until the Apple Vision Pro's release date inches closer, but we're hoping we won't have to pay extra for a more comfortable experience.

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