Google Pixel 7a price up, and Pixel 6a down — I’m not sure the new phone is worth it

Google Pixel 7a render front and back
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If you’ve been paying close attention to all things Pixel over the last few weeks you’ll have noticed that even though Google I/O is still over three weeks away, the internet is already being inundated with so many leaks you’d think the sprinkler system at Googleplex HQ was misfiring.

Yesterday, we reported that the arrival of the Pixel 7a could be right around the corner. Now we can confirm just how soon that will be, and how much picking one up will cost you.

How much will the Pixel 7a cost?

According to 9to5Google, which received its information from a retail source, the Google Pixel 7a will be priced at $499. That’s a $50 bump from last year’s Pixel 6a and could be a reason for some to re-evaluate Google’s latest Pixel A-series smartphone as a surefire successor to the Pixel 6a being one of the best budget phones on the market.

However, the Pixel’s price increase is reportedly backed up by some fairly decent upgrades to the device’s camera sensors, display, and chipset. The Pixel 7a will now be outfitted with a combination of a 64MP (main) and 13MP (ultrawide) camera array; a smooth, 90Hz refresh rate display; the same Tensor G2 SoC found in Google’s Pixel 7 phones; and also feature wireless charging (5W).

It’s also believed that the Pixel 6a will not be discontinued when the Pixel 7a launches, and will instead receive a suitable drop in price.

When can you purchase the Pixel 7a?

Reliable tipster Jon Prosser revealed on Twitter that the Pixel 7a is due to be available for purchase immediately following its unveiling at Google I/O on May 10 — though you won’t be able to pick one up in-store until May 11.

The Pixel 7a will also be available in four colors: charcoal, snow, sea, and coral. The latter of which will be a Google Store exclusive option.


The Pixel 7a’s reported price bump is unfortunate, but budget buyers will be thankful for the continued availability of the Pixel 6a at a lower price point. However, with the Pixel 7a and Pixel 7 now existing side-by-side, it's tough to see what makes Google’s latest A-series device the more compelling option. 

Especially when sites like Amazon will occasionally play host to discounts for the more impressive Pixel 7 resulting in it costing less than the Pixel 7a’s reported launch price. 

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