Google Pixel 7a release date may be sooner than expected — get ready for Google I/O

Photo of alleged Google Pixel 7a prototype in hand with a blurry background of trees
(Image credit: Zing News)

The Google Pixel 7a is the more affordable alternative to Google's beloved flagship phone, and according to a recent leak, it could be launching as soon as May. Twitter leaker SnoopyTech claims the hardware is "set to arrive at retail-stores within the next 14 days," which could mean it receives a launch close to Google I/O.

Google I/O is the company's annual developer conference and it begins on May 10. We're almost certain it'll be revealed during the show, and after this leak, we're wondering if it'll get an imminent release date.

Google Pixel 7a launching soon

This is somewhat unorthodox if true, as the previous three a-series phones reached store shelves between July and August of their respective years, positioned snugly within a summer launch. This would be the model line's first Spring launch since the Google Pixel 3a, which also released in May.

Coincidentally, this was not only the first a-series phone the Pixel had seen, but it was also revealed at 2019's Google I/O and launched shortly afterwards. Considering there is precedent for the company doing this once before, it's not unlikely that it could happen again this year.

While the Pixel 7a might be coming sooner than expected, we anticipate it will be without big surprises. Some things we do expect according to various rumors include an aluminum camera bar, 90Hz display, 8GB RAM upgrade, Google Tensor G2 processor, 50MP camera, and a sky blue color option.

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