G Styled: Gateway ID49C08u - Fashion-Forward Notebook Inside and Out

I checked out the Gateway ID49C08u this week and it looked great! I must give real kudos to Gateway, as they have really been picking up their style game. I remember Gateway machines, especially laptops not be very good looking, but this is on a whole new level.

First the chrome silver cover lid looks very good, love the feel of it. And then much to my surprise, there wasn't the generic black keyboard and palm rest inside. Nope Gateway continued the look on the inside on not just the palm rest, but on the keyboard as well. Nice touch Gateway!

And if that wasn't enough, there is even a glowing trackpad as well. Looks like Gateway went all out on the style aspect. I really like this laptop; this is one sleek machine.

Gateway ID49C08u G Style Rating: Fashion Icon

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