First PS5 photos released — yes, the console is massive

(Image credit: Taiwan NCC)

We already knew the PS5 would be gigantic, but now we have pictures to prove it. The first genuine PS5 photos were published by Taiwan’s National Communications Commission (NCC) last week. 

The images show the PS5 laying horizontally, which only highlights its massive size. It's clear the PS5 will be challenging to fit in an entertainment center even more so than the regular, desktop-shaped Xbox Series X

(Image credit: Taiwan NCC)

These photos also give us our first look at the PS5's removable base, which looks like a small plastic disc. It helps the console stand both vertically or on its side. The images give us a look at the included cables (charging, HDMI, USB Type-A to USB-C) and we get a glimpse of the ports on the front and rear. 

When Sony revealed the final dimensions of the PS5 (15.4 x 4.1 x 10.2 inches, 9.9 pounds), the console was confirmed to be the largest to date. For comparison, the Xbox Series X measures 5.9 x 5.9 x 11.9 inches and weighs 9.8 pounds. Keep in mind, Sony hasn't released measurements with the stand, or the "largest projection," of the PS5's size.

(Image credit: Taiwan NCC)

Sony previously talked about the ability to personalize the PS5's design, claiming it to be the most customizable console yet. These photos, however, don't reveal how that will be accomplished. It's still possible the side panels can be removed and replaced.

Of course, the PS5's size won't concern you until you can get your hands on one. Pre-orders for the next-gen console have been a disaster with retailers making units available at random even before Sony's official pre-order launch day. The good news is that Sony promises more PS5 pre-orders to be made available in the coming days.

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