Elden Ring's inaccessible coliseums could hint towards future DLC

Elden Ring Coliseum
(Image credit: FromSoftware (via Lance McDonald))

FromSoftware is no stranger to releasing DLC for its Soulsborne series. Bloodborne, along with each Dark Souls game, received at least one downloadable expansion pack that added new areas, bosses, equipment and weapons. 

Elden Ring could receive similar treatment, and those playing the game might notice the placement of massive, inaccessible structures throughout Limgrave, Caelid and Leyndell.

YouTuber Lance McDonald found a way to clip through these buildings and get a peek inside. This reveals a coliseum built with rows of benches, giant gates to bring contestants in, and a sandpit for battle. This isn’t surprising since in-game dialogue hints towards it being a fighting arena, and its exterior resembles roman architecture.

The Soulsborne community have theorized that these coliseums will become accessible in the game's first DLC. Dark Souls did something similar, offering a player vs player matchmaking system and unique battle arenas within its DLC. It's also possible this could be added in a future update, especially if FromSoftware doesn't see much need to expand The Lands Between.

The coliseum’s front gate leads into a dark hall with a fountain, some statues and a couple of candelabras. Past the main gate is the sandpit, where spears, swords and arrows lie haphazardly stabbed into the ground. The gates to the left and right lead to elevators that go downwards, but when Lance McDonald clipped through, it's revealed that nothing lies below them yet. This could be where the player starts the DLC, or perhaps it leads to the matchmaking system 

If Elden Ring does get DLC, it could launch in the fall. FromSoftware has been consistent in launching its games early in the year, and then having the first DLC come out somewhere between September and November. The only exception was Dark Souls 2, which had all three of its DLC out before the end of the game's launch year. 

Considering Hidetaka Miyazaki didn't direct Dark Souls 2, that could have just been a result of a different vision. However, the scale of this world is vastly different than anything we've seen in the series before. Who knows what an expansion will look like in an open-world Soulsborne game, and for that reason, we might not see it for the rest of the year.

Momo Tabari
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