Elden Ring may not be shown in March — here's what we know

Elden Ring Release Date Gameplay
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After a rollercoaster of false hype and emotional turmoil, it seems as if we're truly not going to see Elden Ring in March. On Jeff Grubb's The Game Mess Show Live podcast, he claims that he's now less confident that Bandai Namco will be showcasing Elden Ring this month.

Grubb also thinks the company is going to be cracking down to figure out where the leak came from and how to properly adjust the messaging to keep everything on course. Jeff Grubb also says that if he were to take a guess as to when it will be shown, he would assume no later than during this year's E3.

Jeff Grubb seemed speculative in his podcast, so it's very likely he was just making an educated guess. However, we also have confirmation from Lance McDonald on whether or not Elden Ring will be shown this month. 

McDonald wrote, in response to Nibellion, "Elden Ring was never going to be revealed in March and the leaks haven’t caused any plans to change." Both Grubb and McDonald are pretty well-versed on the topic, so there's a very good chance they're correct that Elden Ring isn't being shown this month.

Jeff Grubb had previously claimed that Elden Ring would most likely have its reveal sometime in March, but even then, he expressed uncertainty. It looks like he's done trying to predict when it will be revealed, as many fans are now looking up to him for guidance on when they can expect to see the game.

We're absolutely desperate for Elden Ring news at this point, and it's easy for enthusiasts to cling to what social media figures are claiming. Even though Jeff Grubb made it clear he's just making an educated guess, I'm still hoping he's right about us seeing Elden Ring sometime before (or during) E3.

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