Control and Hitman 3 are landing on the Nintendo Switch — but there's a catch

Control and Hitman 3 are landing on the Nintendo Switch - but there's a catch
(Image credit: Remedy Entertainment)

The latest Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase for October 2020 revealed that Control and Hitman 3 would be landing on the Nintendo Switch, but the catch is that they're cloud versions of the original game.

The Control: Ultimate Edition Cloud Version is available starting today on the Nintendo Switch, while the Hitman 3 Cloud Version is landing on the Switch presumably when the game comes out on January 20, 2021.

I tested the Control Ultimate Edition Cloud Version and include some impressions of the dismal setup process below. 

Control: Ultimate Edition Cloud Version tested

Firstly, the Control: Ultimate Edition Cloud Version will take up less than 100MB on your Nintendo Switch and will be free to download at first. Remedy Entertainment smartly set it up so you can test two demos of the game before you decide to buy it.

The first demo is for enhanced performance and the second is for enhanced graphics. I went with the latter at first. When I attempted to load the game, I was warned that the servers are currently at capacity and that I was number 795 in the queue. What a nightmare of a system.

I canceled that and tried enhanced performance, but that wait put me in 669, so I'm probably still waiting to enter as you're reading this. If the game is available to play right now, and people buy it, waiting in a line to play isn't a reasonable requirement. Hopefully, this issue is fixed in the coming weeks for players actually willing to buy the Nintendo Switch version.

As I'm writing this, my Nintendo Switch went into sleep mode, and that pushed me back to number 988. I love waiting in queues to play a video game. It's kind of like waiting in a two-hour line at Comic-Con to play a game for 10 minutes.

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