Blizzard co-founder launches Dreamhaven, unveiling two studios: Moonshot Games and Secret Door

Blizzard co-founder launches Dreamhaven, unveiling two studios: Moonshot Games and Secret Door
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Mike Morhaime, former CEO and co-founder of Blizzard Entertainment, announced today Dreamhaven, a new game company that will create and publish new games alongside two new studios.

These two studios are Moonshot Games, led by Jason Chayes, Dustin Browder, and Ben Thompson, and Secret Door, led by Chris Sigaty, Alan Dabiri, and Eric Dodds.

What are Moonshot Games and Secret Door making?

We're not sure what games Moonshot Games and Secret Door are making, but representatives from both studios took to a Dreamhaven blog to discuss this venture.

Moonshot studio head Jason Chayes talks about how Dreamhaven "assembled some amazing people, folks who truly share our values, and we’re really excited to begin this next adventure together.” It's very much a 'we're happy to be here' vibe from the post, however, there's nothing indicating what projects they'll be undertaking.

Meanwhile, Secret Door studio head Chris Sigaty said, “At Secret Door, we are passionate about bringing players together in positive ways while building a sustainable home for creators. Dreamhaven is providing everything we need to head into uncharted territory. We cannot wait for others to join us on our journey!”

Both studios are looking for staffers now, and if you feel so obliged to make your way out to Irvine, CA, you can find their careers page here. It's likely going to take a few years before we actually see anything tangible from either of these studios, so be ready for a long wait. (Which will come out first? A Dreamhaven game or Diablo IV?)

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