Apple's self-repair service program for iPhone is here — how to get your repair kit

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Earlier today, Apple launched its self-service repair program for the iPhone, which the company announced last November. The move was thought to be a response to the "right to repair" movement that gathered greater support during the Covid-19 pandemic with users being unable to get their phones repaired during lockdowns. 

The home repair kits currently support the iPhone 12 and 13 series along with the iPhone SE (2022). In the future, Apple claims it will add repair kits for your M1 Mac computers. 

Apple repair kit

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How to get Apple's iPhone repair kit

You can go to Apple's self-service repair website and rent a repair kit to fix your iPhone. The rental is $49, and kits come in hard plastic cases, with one option weighing 43 pounds and the other 36 pounds. Each case will come with all the parts and tools you need to fix your iPhone. Thankfully each case also comes with wheels; nobody wants to haul around roughly 40 pounds of parts and tools. 

The iPhone repair kits come with a replacement battery, display, display press, protective covers, and screwdrivers. The iPhone SE gets a special case of tools designed for the smaller iPhone. Apple reminds all users wishing to attempt self-repair to first review the official iPhone repair manuals.

Once you've read the repair manual and decide to move forward, you can order your kit from Apple, which will have genuine Apple parts, which is a huge plus. I have heard many nightmares of people getting poorly constructed OEM replacement parts used in their iPhones. Knowing that Apple provides you with the highest quality parts and tools to fix your phone is quite comforting. 

Potential repairs include the most common issues like battery, display, camera, bottom speaker, SIM tray or taptic engine. Prices range from as little as 20 cents for some simple screws all the way up to $311.96 for an iPhone 13 Pro Max Display Bundle, although you are eligible for a $33.60 parts return credit if you return the broken part with the repair kit.

May the self-repair odds ever be in your favor! 

Via MacRumors

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