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Android users could soon get this huge privacy upgrade

Android Messaging
(Image credit: Google)

Google has begun beta testing the new RCS (Rich Communication Service) messaging with end-to-end encryption to protect users from certain three-letter agencies. 

Google is looking to move on from the antiquated SMS text standard and replace it with its more secure and feature enhanced RCS messaging format. Available now in a limited beta release, the RCS messaging format end-to-end encryption is a welcome feature for Android users who have been waiting for Google to catch up to Apple's level of encrypted messaging that's been a mainstay in iMessenger. 

Google shared recently that it's rolled out the new RCS format worldwide with end-to-end encryption. The release effectively addresses what many have seen as a major weakness of Android messaging app. Especially since apps like WhatsApp and iMessenger have been providing users with this level of security for years now.   

Google first used end-to-end encryption in its Allo app. However,users still had to go into settings to turn it on instead of it being native within the application and always on. 

E2EE will be available only to people using the beta version and they must enable the feature. However, it will only be available in one-on-one conversations initially. Google released a technical paper with detailed information for users. Welcome Android users to the world of encrypted messaging. It's about damn time.