Among Us VR beta signups just went live — here’s how to play early

Among Us VR
(Image credit: Meta)

Among Us VR is giving fans the opportunity to call emergency meetings with crewmates — or viciously kill them — while wearing a VR headset that transports them into an immersive, ill-fated spaceship.

At the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase, we discovered that Among Us VR will roll out later this year (holiday 2022), but as it turns out, some will be lucky enough to test the game before its official release date.

How to play Among Us VR early

Want to join the Among Us VR beta testing program? Only a select number of gamers will have the opportunity to experiment with it. To throw your name into the hat, go to the Among US VR beta sign up page.

In Among Us VR, you'll no longer have a bird's eye view of the spaceship to work with; the game will place you into a first-person perspective, which heightens the suspense of the murder-mystery game.

As shown by the Among Us VR trailer, crewmates must constantly be on the lookout for imposters as they work on their tasks and assignments. Who knows? An imposter could be lurking right around the corner! The VR version of the game allows crewmates to stumble upon half-eaten bodies, interact with steel doors, and to the delight of imposters, spy on others through air vents.

Emergency meetings will feel more immersive and realistic. Using your controllers, you can point your finger at a suspicious crewmate and accuse them of going on murderous rampages. If you're an imposter, you can frame an innocent crewmate as the assailant behind your heinous deeds.

Among Us VR will be available on Meta Quest 2, Steam VR, PlayStation VR, and when it's released, PSVR2.

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